Apart from cutting of fresh meat, we also have a wide range of processed meat including prosciutto and salami.


Our animals are bred in our forest areas


Breed: Duroc
This is an ancient breed of North American domestic pig of a ginger colour, very muscular, of average length and with partially dropping ears.

Breed: Large White
The Italian genetic family of this breed is particularly suitable for the production of prestigious cuts used for transformation into PDO prosciutto (Parma and San Daniele) due to the excellent structure of the thigh.
It originates from Large Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, imported to Italy in 1800.

Breed: Landrace
A good cut, a very long trunk. Very muscular chest, saddle and buttocks. Head with a straight front-nose or slightly concave, with relatively long ears that fall forwards. A thin and relatively long neck.
A white coat with pink skin.

The pigs are raised in special external paddocks, therefore areas that have been specifically closed off and are equipped with covered spaces and feeding areas.
The sows live in groups excluding before and after giving birth.
The boars live in an external paddock close to that of the sows, into which the sows are freed according to company requirements.
The piglets are weaned at about 40 days old and always live in a group within the external paddocks.

The pigs grow within a small forest and are also given a concentrate that is produced on the farm generally using wheat, barley and tick-beans, duly mixed and ground and distributed according to requirements.



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