Chianina Meat


The heifers are selected on the farm and grown with the very best animals listed in ANABIC

BIO 100%

From birth until slaughtering, our meat complies with the cycle of European regulations with regards to organic breeding


Our care for animals, the characteristics of the species and attention to organic make our product of an extremely high quality.



A very old breed, it has been raised in Italy for more than 22 centuries.
A native of the fertile plains of Central Italy, Val di Chiana, located in between Tuscany and Umbria, from which it took its name, subsequently diffused throughout all of the provinces of Central Italy.
Chianina, a giant in its species, extremely white and prestigious in its morphological perfection, has become famous all over the world due to its unique international genetic heritage.
The characteristics of this breed are: the somatic gigantism, the rapidity in its growth, extreme resistance to difficult environmental conditions and extreme ease in giving birth.
The meat is of a very high level as it is lean and has excellent organoleptic characteristics.
All of these peculiarities made it one of the very best breeds of beef in the world.


Improvement of the breed began around the middle of the last century: the choice of the breeders, carried out exclusively on a morphological basis, aimed at creating animals for two objectives: meat and work.

The male breeders are selected according to performance tests with the following selection criteria: their ability to grow, their muscles, an estimate of yield in slaughtering and stripping, in compliance with the typical features of the breed itself. The choice of the females is made according to morphological criteria, reproductive efficiency and maternal instinct, therefore the ability to grow their little ones during the milking phase.

The selection layout also includes use, in programmed mating, of the very best bulls tested according to performance and the very best cows chosen according to capacity, with the greatest possible use of artificial fecundation.

Selection of the Chinanina breed is to produce animals with an outstanding ability to produce meat (speed in growing, precocity and yield in slaughtering) with excellent qualitative and organoleptic characteristics, safeguarding the ability to adapt to pasture breeding systems and with a good maternal instinct.

Type of meat characterised by SOMATIC GIGATISM, LONG TORSO AND A LIGHT FRAME. Lively, energetic, adaptable to various kinds of environments and with discreet food conditions. The harmony of proportions and the precision of its shape bring about elegance and dignity. It must be immediately attractive in terms of its majestic size, length and height of the torso without any hint whatsoever of coarseness, found in the small size of the head and the quality of its structure. Very energetic but docile without any signs of nervousness or aggressiveness. The breed is characterised by high daily increase in weight that, in young males, may reach or even exceed 2 kgs per day and the weight of adults. It is quite common to find bulls that exceed 1600 kg and cows of more than 1000 kg.

* * taken from the website of ”Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Bovini Italiani da Carne” – (



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